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Tobias Robertson – Breathing Space Facilitator

Tobias is a successful performer (watch his audition for The Voice on YouTube if you want to see just how good he is) who recently started the move into community and health focused work. Joining Tanio as an artist on our Breathing Space Program is part of that journey and we recognise the amazing skill and passion he brings.  

 ‘What has been really good about doing this work with Tanio is the support I’ve been given.  This is the first group that I’ve run as the main facilitator and I was a bit nervous at first – I came in to shadow Tom on the first few sessions, then used the structure and some of the activities to build my workshops. That’s what really helped me to feel confident in what I’m doing, knowing that the support is there if I need it.’ 

 ‘I’m really passionate about helping support others and currently studying for a Level 3 Counselling qualification. Although I won’t be doing Counselling in Breathing Space – I am using skills I’m learning alongside music to have a real positive impact on the group.’ 

 ‘Seeing [the participants] have that self-confidence grow, just from a weekly hour and a half session, it’s just an amazing thing to be a part of.’  

Artists Case Studies
Artists Case Studies

Emily Ruck, Project Manager 

Art and the Environment 

 Emily started volunteering for Tanio in 2019 alongside her undergraduate degree in Psychology at USW. She combined her studies with volunteering in the Forest Arts project for children with behavioural difficulties: 

 ‘Having a love for the outdoors and an interest in Psychology, it turned out to be the best combination for me. With the support of Tanio, I had the chance to become a freelance Forest School and Art practitioner.’ 

 Emily progressed from volunteer to freelancer, balancing her freelance work with completing her BSc and undertaking an MSc in Behavioural Analysis and Therapy. She was also supported by Tanio to achieve Level 3 Forest School Certification. Emily was able to implement her knowledge and skills in psychology in Spring Forward, Tanio’s major project during and after the pandemic which helped children develop their ability to name and manage their emotions. Emily’s role has now progressed again, combining her work as an arts practitioner with taking on the role of Project Manager for Art and the Environment at Tanio.  

 ‘Having had the experience as a practitioner, it’s great to come at the workshops and events from a different angle and to see everything that goes into delivering them from behind the scenes.’