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Cerys Knighton

Cerys Knighton

Programmes and Office Assistant

I recently completed a PhD at Cardiff University, researching the historic medical and cultural identity of bipolar disorder. The project had a critical creative element – I created artworks based on both my research and current experiences of bipolarity, which were shown at different stages of the project in four solo exhibitions. I continue to show my work in exhibitions as well as doing a range of art commissions and workshops.
Outside of my love for visual art I also love music, reading and playing video games. I have a wonderful dog called Luna and love going for walks. I’m also really interested in whisky distillation and have a residential diploma from the Islay Whisky Academy. I’m a Welsh speaker and I’m also learning Scottish Gaelic.

What advice do you have for people to bringing creativity into everyday life?

I’ve often spoken to people who have been made to feel they’re not creative, but everyone is creative! I used to get too worried about the end product being perfect, but now I focus more on what I get out of the process itself and making time for creativity for creativity’s sake.

What is your number one self-care tip?

Self-care looks different for everyone. Take the time to do whatever it is that makes you feel revived.  

What is your favourite gif / If you were a gif, what gif gif would you be?