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Emily Ruck

Emily Ruck

Project Manager: Art and the Environment

I first joined Tanio in 2019 as a volunteer for a Forest Arts project for children with behavioural difficulties. Having a love for the outdoors and an interest in Psychology, it turned out to be the perfect combination for me. With the support of Tanio, I had the chance to become a freelance Forest School and Art practitioner. My relationship with Tanio grew over the years and I was provided with the opportunity to work behind the scenes in my Project Manager role.
I had a Welsh language education. I am currently working on improving my Welsh both verbally and written, having not used it during my studies.



What advice do you have for people to bringing creativity into everyday life?

Everything you do comes from a creative part of yourself, so don’t overthink it!


What is your number one self-care tip?

Focus on meeting your fundamental needs before tackling whatever challenge you’re facing.


What is your favourite gif / If you were a gif, what gif gif would you be?