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Emma Bowen

Emma Bowen
Programmes and office assistant

Professional background – Registered childminder, Forest School Practitioner, Supply Teaching Assistant

Hobbies – Walks outdoors, reading

What advice do you have for people to bringing creativity into everyday life?
Put time aside every day/ week no matter how little for some creativeness. You don’t need to be an artist to be creative… go for a walk, enjoy nature, take photos and/ or take a sketch book and draw anything around you, and/ or keep a journal. Do some mindful colouring… just live in the moment!

What is your number one self-care tip?
Taking some ‘me’ time, relax, soak in the bath, read a book or watch a series on tv.

What is your favourite gif? 

Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air dancing. My children always make fun of my dancing!!!