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Olivia Brayley

Olivia Brayley
Digital Marketing Officer

I studied Media & Communications for my undergraduate degree, recently graduating from Swansea University. It’s always been my ambition to work in the field of Media & Comms, and I’m so excited to get into my first post-uni role at Tanio, where I’m able to combine my love of the arts and creativity with marketing.

I really love music and going to concerts is one of my favourite things to do. I also enjoy singing and have been in a choir that took me to some awesome places, including singing the Welsh National Anthem on the pitch at the Principality Stadium before a Wales Autumn International – a once in a lifetime experience!

What advice do you have for people to bringing creativity into everyday life

Creativity is in so many things that we do. Whether it’s being traditionally creative or something a bit more abstract, just be open-minded and find what it is that you enjoy. And try something new every once in a while, because learning a new skill is always a plus.

What is your number one self-care tip?

No matter how busy life gets, always make sure to set aside some time for yourself every day, even if it’s just ten minutes – for me, it’s stepping back from my phone and taking some time away from the screen and social media to do something totally different. Give your mind (and eyes) a break!

What is your favourite gif?