Our History

Tanio, is the new name for Valley and Vale, the company was originally established during the miners’ strike in South Wales in the early 1980’s. At that time the organisation was offering creative activities as a way of helping people in the Garw Valley document their lives during a period of hardship and great change. These local interactions evolved into working with national and international communities using Community Arts as a vehicle for exploration and change for individuals and groups. Our aim has always been to offer safe environments in which individuals and groups are empowered to use creative person centred approaches to deliver process-focused arts activities.


Currently we are successfully introducing creativity to health and social care staff in hospitals, residential homes, prisons and refugee centres, focussing on working with people who are experiencing emotional difficulties and/or isolation, and who can enjoy and benefit from the opportunity to use creativity to express their feelings. In addition, we have developed indoor and outdoor creative experiences for our work with children and young people. This includes youngsters with autism, emotional and mental health issues, long-term health conditions, and disabilities, all of which has had a huge impact on health services and the local education system.

The responses to our work from beneficiaries, their supporters, and host organisations has been extremely positive.

Although long-term funding for our work is becoming increasingly difficult to secure, we are appreciative that our core funders, the Arts Council of Wales, have allowed us to develop a stable foundation from which to build working partnerships with the health, social care and community sectors. This has enabled us to work on a diverse range of projects, and has also allowed us to broaden our range of art forms to include drama, singing, film making, arts, crafts, environmental arts, circus skills, creative writing, movement, digital storytelling, animation, basketry, mosaics, photography and music.

Annual Reports

Tanio - Valley and Vale's annual reports for the last few years. Available for download or view in web browser.


Tanio - Valley & Vale Annual Report 2017


Tanio - Valley & Vale Annual Report 2016


Tanio - Valley & Vale Annual Report 2015


Tanio - Valley & Vale Annual Report 2013