Our Future


Tanio – Valley and Vale is committed to providing access to a range of creative activities and interventions that will enable a diverse range of people to develop skills, confidence and self-esteem. Tanio – Valley and Vale believes that by equipping individuals with the courage and self-assurance, which can be nurtured by creative self-expression, individuals and communities can be strengthened and enriched. Here are some workshops recommended by Tanio – Valley & Vale.






The purpose of Tanio – Valley and Vale Community Arts Ltd is to improve the quality of life for all sectors of the community, particularly people experiencing challenges or disadvantage in their lives, by:


• promoting opportunities for participation in the arts;

• supporting and developing projects, workshops, community events and performances to facilitate

enjoyment of, and participation in creative activity;

• providing facilities for recreation and participation in creative activity in the interests of social welfare.


We work with people of all ages, abilities and gender without exception, at the core of our ethos we believe that creativity in all it’s forms helps to make a person happier, healthier and enhances their general wellbeing, our aim is not to tell people how to, but how we can help them to realise their creative goal, in a mutually respectful, safe and supportive environment.


Our Team offers a variety of different art forms, so if you have a project you would like to work with us on, or if you would just like to find out more about who we are and what we do, get in touch and join us on our journey either give us a call, send us an email or just pop in!!