Bridging the Gap

Applied Drama based intervention

Working with Young Adults at The Bridge

Bridging the Gap has been a two and a half year project funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation in association with The Bridge Alternative Provision in Bridgend and facilitated by practitioner Izzy Rabey, exploringt the benefits of an Applied Drama based intervention with young people on the Autistic Spectrum. 

The project has seen pupils take on creative subjects in college, complete projects with professional actors and playwrights, and have work performed in professional theatre and music venues across Cardiff.

Throughout the two years Izzy has been leading the project, alongside devised music and drama performances, there has also been engagement with the professional music and theatre community in Wales. Projects that have taken place include the Research and Development of Run Amok Theatre Company’s showing of ‘Microwave’ by Elinor Cook (2017); in which pupils from The Bridge gave written responses to the play and work-shopped the texts with professional actors and the playwright, with the work being performed at The Other Room Theatre, Cardiff.

In 2018, Izzy led a project called ‘Over Troubled Water’, in which pupils from The Bridge directed professional actors in pieces they themselves had written. 

‘BridgeFest’ was a music focused project in 2018. Pupils performed original music under the mentorship of Izzy and MC Tumi Williams at professional music venue Gwdi Hw in Cardiff. 

These outreach-based projects have aimed to encourage social engagement and to build confidence and ambition through creativity.

Project Worker Izzy Rabey

If you would like further information on the project please contact Izzy Rabey on 01656 729246 or [email protected]

Below are some quotes from the Into Film Judges re: The Animation Film created with Jane Hubbard, click here for link to film


There was no clear narrative to this (or so I thought) but you could tell the young filmmakers had so much fun making this! I liked that they used different materials for different scenes and particularly liked the bits where they used their fingers to draw their names on paint. Although this one might not score the highest in terms of narrative, this is my favourite from this week!!

(Into Film Judge)

A heart-warming, engaging animation which promotes a strong message of friendship and being there for one another. Good use of animation techniques to explore self-expression, identity and individuality. The narrative could have been developed a little but overall a lovely film which I really enjoyed watching.

(Into Film Judge)

The time and effort put into The Bridge Kids is something to be admired. It is surreal, visually very creative and technically very fun to watch unfold.

(Into Film Judge)

A fun, bright and cheery animation which is a joy to watch. It's full of original and creative scenes ('What are you doing here Mr Fox?') which made it very engaging and enjoyable. I thought the music and sound effects were wonderful and happy - I particularly loved the creature munching on the hearts. My favourite scenes were those portraying human interactions and feelings, for example 'Give him some space' and the cloud/sunshine, because they drew really clear lines to the theme of identity. Overall, I felt that the whole film was beautifully artistic and I would love to see more!

(Into Film Judge)