Creativity for Wellbeing – Social Prescribing

Arts Council of Wales, GP Cluster Cwm Taff, Community Mental Health Coordinators

Person-Centred Creativity (PCC) activities for wellbeing

We are currently running two Social Prescribing projects: The Butterfly Garden (Tanio – Valley and Vale Betws) and Breathing Space (St Catherine’s, Pontypridd)

We are offering weekly, free Person-centred, creative sessions for adults in a relaxed environment for people experiencing stress, anxiety and/or depression 

Person-Centred Creativity (PCC) combines humanistic principles with a wide range of arts activities to improve participant’s self-awareness, self-esteem and wellbeing. We use Carl Roger’s core conditions (unconditional positive regard, congruence, and empathy) to built trust. Short mindfulness exercises help the individuals to relax and find their creative flow 

The work created can be about a real life experience or abstract and will only be shared with the permission of the artist 

Meeting other people with similar experiences helps group members to not feel judged or isolated Individuals get out of their fight-flight-freeze response and find calm

In the sessions participants become artists, and leave their diagnosis behind, have fun and remember who they still are 

“ …,!I am depressed but I am not depressing”

We offer a strength based approach with the focus on wellness. The group supports each other in finding their own solutions, and by celebrating each other’s success

 ‘!Example: ‘I never thought I could do this, I am really proud of myself 

Facilitator Katja Stiller, Nick Clements and Rhys Hughes

If you would like more information on this project contact Katja Stiller Tel 01656 729246 or email [email protected]


“ I feel I am coming out of a cocoon, but I am not flying yet,.. I am a butterfly on the bus!"


"The name of the projects reminds us, that it is possible to come out the other side.”