Getting The Message Across

Cardiff and Vale UHB’s Eating Disorder team

Workshop sessions for people with eating disorders

Over the past year (2018) we offered weekly sessions for people with eating disorders at Chapter Art Centre Cardiff. Facilitators used person-centred creativity to create a safe environment and offer an opportunity for self- expression and to produce a series of short films for the NHS website.

As well as creating films for the website the participants also created their own video poetry.

The creative process promotes self-reflection, challenges negative thoughts, and helps us to understand what makes us feel better. Through creative writing, dance, animation and film-making the participants focused on their strengths and creatively expressed themselves.

Writing and directing their own film put the participants in charge:
You put me in control of my creative process and with this you put me in control over my mental health.’ 

The films created were launched in March to mark ‘Eating Disorder Awareness week 2019’

We offer a strength based approach with the focus on wellness, not illness. The group listens and supports  each other and  celebrates each other’s success. 

Facilitators: Katja Stiller, Jane Hubbard worked with Dr Debbie Woodward, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, (Cardiff and Vale UHB Eating Disorders Service), Annette McLean (Cardiff and Vale UHB - Dietetics)

The Project was funded by Cardiff & Vale Health Charity’s staff lottery and The Arts Council of Wales If you would like further information on the project please contact Katja Stiller on 01656 729246 or [email protected]


“ I am so proud of what we have achieved”

(Project Participant)

“I got goosebumps watching the videos, now I have a better understanding of eating disorders,…”