Oasis World Choir and Band

Music Project working with Asylum Seekers and Locals at Oasis

Oasis World Choir and Band

Oasis World Choir and Band was set up in 2015 by Tanio – Valley and Vale Community Arts, It is facilitated by Laura Bradshaw, and has been supported by different funding bodies. The project contributes to the Health and Wellbeing of asylum seekers and refugees and has a positive impact on the wider community.

Each Monday we run women only sessions and mixed sessions. 

The Oasis World Choir and Band is an ever-changing group due to the fact that people are regularly moved suddenly to different parts of the UK. 

We have a very supportive network of singing and musical volunteers. The resulting chemistry of the wonderful people from around the globe making music together, as well as the many barriers that the project seems to break down along the way are evidence that this project is extremely special and unique. 

We now also have a weekly dance input from June Campbell Davies. Dance totally fulfils a need within the group and helps them escape their troubles for a time.

Project Workers Laura Bradshaw & Tracy Pallant

If you would like further information on the project please contact Tracy Pallant on 01656 729246 or [email protected]


‘I love your ethos - we need more Oasis Band and Choir in the world!’

Anharad (Pontio Arts Centre – Bangor)

“The music takes away the heavy burden you are carrying. Music sets you free”

Mauda (Oasis Music Group Participant)