Sam Davies, Barry Community Hospital

Person Centered Creativity, Arts Council Wales

Sam Davies Rehabilitation Project

Over two years we have been working with staff and patients at Sam Davies, a rehabilitation ward in Barry Community Hospital, training care staff in person-centered creativity and facilitating weekly music/arts sessions with 10-15 participants. Most of the patients are elderly, some of them have dementia.


A long hospital stay can affect a patient’s mental health which delays their physical recovery. Through the arts we create an environment where individuals can relax and find strength.


The sessions aim to:

  • Break Isolation
  • Engage patients in creative activities and have fun
  • Give the patients a focus and some control
  • Improve the environment on the ward


Facilitators: Ruth Bradshaw & Katja Stiller

If you would like more information on this project contact Ruth Bradshaw Tel 01656 729246


"The sessions gave the patients something to look forward to and a reason to get out of bed for, taking part does help them to get better."

Linda Edwards (Ward Manager)

"You had to drag me in here, but now you will have to drag me out of here, because I don't want the sessions to end."


"You reminded me that I have a personality, it was fantastic, thank you."


"Since you have come we started sitting in a circle and talking to each other, even if you are not here."