Say It As It Is

A 5 month project for young people with diabetes type 1

The aims of the project were:

Increased confidence and self – awareness in young people with diabetes type 1 with the long term impact of improved self care and increased coping mechanisms.


“Teenagers are under a lot of pressures, having diabetes can add to the stress the young people face on a daily basis. Many young people struggle with the management of their diabetes, putting their health at risk.

Sijbrigje Hood (ABMU)


Through group work, mindfulness and arts activities we created a calm, safe and relaxed space. The young people wanted to make a fun short film “to explain diabetes to their mates without boring them to death”…Together with the Science rapper Jon Chase and Tracy Pallant, they produced ‘Hey Glucose’.


During one of the sessions a participant painted a dark, derelict picture . She created a story about a girl, lost in her anger, she became stuck in her story, by sharing their feelings and coping mechanisms the others helped her to finish the story, with the help of the animator Jane Hubbard they created “The Forgotten child”


The final film they produced was for people who are newly diagnosed, Taking control” will be used by health professional across Wales and beyond.

Facilitators: Katja Stiller, Tracy Pallant, Jon Chase and Jane Hubbard.

Funded by regional Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Grant Schemes and the Arts Council of Wales. If you would like further information on the project please contact Katja Stiller on 01656 729246 or [email protected]


“I am in shock I have never seen that many diabetics in one room!”


“People here understand me”


"I have never heard my daughter speak so much,…"


“I have made friends”