St David’s Hall Family Proms 2018 & 2019

Choirs add their voices to the prom

In 2018 Laura was approached for her choirs to sing as part of the prom. With an amazing array of 101 people of different backgrounds and ages, 4 babies, adults over 80, a great mix of ability/disability, voice type and gender participated. Led by Laura, they included Cardiff Canton Singers, Chapter Singers, Porthkerry Community Choir, Staff YMCA Choir, Newport Mind Choir, as well as Tanio – Valley and Vale Community Arts projects – Oasis World Choir and Band and Betws Community Choir (Led by Ruth Bradshaw).


Almost a year later we were invited to sing again. This time the theme was the weather and so we had 2 “weather forecaster” celebrity presenters – Derrick Brockway and Behnaz Akhgar.


For the song Here Comes the Sun, (a voice and orchestral arrangement by Laura) we managed to add different languages into the “Sun sun sun here it comes” section, Yoruba, Arabic, French, Spanish, Welsh were all added by members of the Oasis World Choir. It was another extremely exciting day with 110 singers in total.


We had brilliant feedback at the end and once more Michael Bell, the conductor said he’d love to work with us again sometime in the future.


It was a great showcase of the community and high art coming together successfully, helping to break down the elitism that can sometimes be a part of classical music and it’s performance venues.


The project was commissioned by Arts Active.

Project Workers Laura Bradshaw, Ruth Bradshaw & Tracy Pallant

If you would like further information on the project please contact Tracy Pallant on 01656 729246 or [email protected]


"Life affirming day"

(Choir Member)

"Wonderful to be part of such a multicultural/multifaith performance all enjoying the same thing"

(Choir Member)

"Power of music to transcend everything"

(Choir Member)

"Wish life could be like this more often"

(Choir Member)