What Inspires Us

Find out a bit about what inspires us here at Tanio – Valley & Vale Community Arts. We have listed some resources across the web for you to look at.


Satish Kumar has always been a trailblazer on Green Issues, Nuclear Disarmament, alternative thinking and living. He has been the Editor of Resurgence magazine since the early 70's and is a very inspiring individual.

See Resurgence Project

Kevin Sinnott

Kevin Sinnott is an Inspiration not just because he is a wonderful artist, but also because he gives his time and energy generously to the community in which he lives. Having set up Studio18 on Oxford Street, Pontycymer, in the Garw Valley, he has made art accessible to local people who may not have considered visiting an art gallery. Our experience of running workshops at local schools using Kevin’s history paintings as inspiration, is that the children involved in the project were thrilled to be able to go to the gallery and see for themselves paintings on display by various artists on various subjects. Studio 18 has given everyone the opportunity to experience first-hand some of the best artwork on show within Wales.

See Studio 18

Forum Theatre

This is how artists should be - we should be creators and also teach others to create, how to make art so that we can all make art together...(Games for Actors and Non- actors 1992) Augusto Boal believed in the ability of the individual to observe, create, act and reflect, that each and everyone of us has to find our own solutions and that it is down to the individual to implement change in their own time and at their own pace. He watched people with curiosity and without judgement I will always remember him standing in front of us at a workshop and inviting us with open arms to "Come closer, come closer...."

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Greta Thunburg

For helping to start a wave that has rippled around the world highlighting the plight of the planet and mankinds overuse of it’s natural and finite resourses, making it difficult for people to ignore (which has been the case for years) the urgent action that is desperately needed both individually and collectively for us to work towards a greener more sustainable future.

View Ted Talk

Garden Therapy

Running the ECO School programmes at Sony Environmental Centre, I am always on the hunt for new ideas using natural materials that we can incorporate into our creative sessions. This website is one that I enjoy as it a wealth of ideas such as fairy houses, botanical clay dishes, scented perfumes and weaving.

See Garden Therapy


It’s a no brainer for me I am definitely a JOMO, having always been someone who doesn’t feel the need to fit with the current trends, must haves, or go to events!! In that respect I guess I have been lucky to not feel anxious about the choices I make, don’t get me wrong, I can spend a lot of time deciding what to do, when to go, where to go etc but in the end it’s my choice and there’s no pressure. In todays society with it’s connectivity through social media it can be difficult for lots of people to feel so relaxed about their own decisions for that reason I find this article an inspiration.

See Whole Life Challenge